Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dreamy Liberalism? Been There, Done That!

President Obama is not the first dreamy, idealistic liberal to occupy America's White House.      Franklin Delano Roosevelt was very much the same as Obama. 

Like Obama, FDR tried, for many years, to bring the economy out of the Great Depression with a dreamy, and highly centralized, liberal agenda, run by micro-managing, central planning bureaucrats in Washington.     Not only did those policies fail miserably at their intended purpose, which was to produce sustainable economic growth in America; but his dreamy & idealistic foreign policy was a miserable failure at preventing war overseas, as well.   In the end, it cost America dearly, in both blood and treasure.

FDR famously said, "The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself."    That famous statement summed up FDR's understanding of what was wrong with America, both on domestic policy and on foreign policy.  

In terms of domestic policy, he was referring to the psychological reasons for a weak stock market.    After the Crash of 1929, investors of all stripes, if they had any financial resources left, were fearful of buying stocks.    When fear of stocks is widespread, then investment capital for businesses is hard to come by; and when the economy is starved for investment capital, then it has trouble growing.    

On domestic policy, I do agree that fear of stocks is an important impediment to growth, but I disagree vehemently with Obama's FDR-like vision of how to overcome that impediment.      

Obama, like FDR, supports massive, centrally planned and managed, federal spending programs.     In the 1930's, FDR called these programs "The New Deal."     There were actually 2 big spending spending packages, "New Deal #1", and "New Deal #2", because the first one didn't do enough.   Sound familiar?

These days, Obama calls them "American Recovery & Reinvestment Acts."   Just like FDR's New Deal package, the first one hasn't done enough, and they want more.    History repeats, especially when it is in the hands of dreamy liberals who don't face up to facts.    

Today's liberals, like FDR's liberals, are trying for another big round of pork.    The fact is that these liberals are all the same.   They really don't give a darn about stimulating the economy effectively or solving America's problems.    They care only about lining their own pockets, and it shows.    The Washington, DC economy is booming, while the rest of the country stagnates.  

In fact, if you could talk privately and candidly with them, some of the best studied liberals might actually admit, privately, that the history of Keynesian stimulus has been an unmitigated disaster for the American economy.   Clearly, it failed miserably in the 1930's; and it has accomplished little more than increasing the federal debt, over the past several decades.  

Smart centrists, like Bill Clinton, will admit this to you, if you can get them to speak candidly in an intellectually honest manner.    In fact, Bill Clinton DID  admit that Obama doesn't know what he is doing, according to Dick Morris on Fox News:

But, sadly for America, President Obama, and his coalition of extreme leftists, still occupy the White House.     In their desperation to maintain good appearances during an election year, the Democratic machine quickly put the muzzle on Mr. Clinton, according to Rush Limbaugh.     

If our nation is to survive and prosper over the coming centuries, it is incumbent on all of us to learn from the lessons of history, so that we don't blindly repeat them, as we seem to be doing right now.     

If higher education, and the media, was not so dominated by liberals (95% of College Professors are Democrats), then it might not be necessary for me to write pieces like this; but sadly, America's higher education is going to pot.    Even graduates of the highly ranked colleges need to be re-educated, after spending a small fortune on liberal indoctrination, just so that they can unwind all the socialist indoctrination and see the truth.

Keynesian-ism simply doesn't work, in terms of creating sustainable, long term economic growth.    Keynes himself admitted this, towards the end of his life.   It is a fact, and if our higher education system and our mainstream media were more responsible in the teaching of our People, this would be a widely known fact by now, but its not.   

Keynesian-ism is nothing more than a justification for pork ... handouts to political buddies.    That's all its good for.     

Oh, wait, I forgot, it is also effective at (1)raising the federal debt, (2)damaging the long term sustainability of the economy, (3)weakening the dollar, and (4) promoting homosexuality and debauchery amongst the People (Keynes was a homosexual).      

So, if you are in that Communist, Anti-American faction, which holds that weakening America will make the world better off, then you can put Keynesian-ism in the plus column, but I am certainly not in that faction.    

I, for one, see Keynesian-ism as a 'clear and present danger' to the future strength and prosperity of our nation.  More to the point, it is a 'clear and present danger' to my children.

Turning now to foreign policy, that same dreamy liberal fantasy that "we have nothing to fear but fear itself" dominates the liberal mindset these days.     As in the 1930's, that mindset is also, today, a "dangerous delusion that will cause more problems than it solves."    

Indeed, some regard that thinking, in theological terms, as a "seductive temptation from the devil,"  because it lures voters into a delusional state of complacency and trust, which sets us up for disaster, or at least for a greater problem in the future.

In the 1930's, FDR and his delusional Democrats thought that Hitler would just sort of go away if we stuck our heads in the sands, like Ostriches.       And, that's exactly what the liberals and the Islamists want us to do, today.    

They want us to disarm and stick our heads in the sands, like Ostriches, under that dreamy delusion that the whole world would be more peaceful, if only America was not so strong and prosperous.       

Wouldn't that be convenient for the aggressive, Muslim Caliphate that seeks world domination?    

Then, they could just waltz on in here and decapitate us all, while our heads are stuck in the sand!   They wouldn't need centrifuges, uranium, or even firearms.   Just a large order of decapitation knives!

The religion of Islam began in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, where the earth is dry and unproductive.       It was centered in Mecca.      After resolving some of the early conflicts with other Arabs, the Islamists quickly began to look outwards for better lands.     With the technology of those days, conquest of more fertile lands was the only way to feed their fast growing, polygamous population.

Islamists have a centuries long institutional memory that is deeply saturated with jealousy of fertile lands.     Imagine a desert, without any trees or cropland.    No wood, no crops.  The Islamists were, and still are, desperate for better lands, and that's why their religion is so aggressive.    

In Christianity, jealousy, or "coveting", is recognized as a sinful emotion; and the Billion-Strong Islamic world is CHOCK FULL OF IT.      Where do you think that jealousy is directed?      The beautiful, lush, and fertile lands of Israel, England, Europe & the Americas.  

Indeed, the religion of Islam harnesses that jealousy, empowers it with hatred and violence, and then turns it against infidels, who - coincidentally - are also the occupants of the most fertile lands in the world.    Islam's very purpose, as a religion, is to conquer better lands.

Don't fall into that pacifist, liberal delusion, which holds that mutual fear of each other is what leads to war.    The Obamites and the Global Socialists at the United Nations argue that, if they can just shut down the internet and control the presses, then they can lead the world to peace and prosperity from their comfy & corrupt perches in the White House and the United Nations.    

That is a delusion.    It won't work, because Iran will continue to arm and expand, whether we can see it on TV or not; and it will be used as cover for  endless government corruption and waste.   

Look at what politicians get away with already, even with a Free Press to expose them.    Without a Free Press, the corruption and waste will get worse.   In addition, private industry, which actually produces the goods and services that we need, would die a fast death, without a Free Press for promotion of private products and services.

We have a lot more to fear than fear itself.    What we have to fear is a violent, aggressive, religious ideology that intends to conquer Israel, Europe, England, & America.     Its real.  Its now.   Wake up and smell the coffee!      

What leads to war is jealousy, rage, & competition for resources.    Have you ever heard someone say, "I am so jealous, I could kill ... {so and so}."     That's why its a sin, and that's why it can lead to war, whether the Press is Free or not.  To believe otherwise is to fall into the same trap that FDR fell into in the 1930's.   

He thought we had nothing to fear from Hitler.   He ignored the early warnings of foreign policy hawks, like Winston Churchill, who was shunned and denigrated out of politics & society for his early Hawkishness on Hitler.    

The result?    Paris fell.  London got bombed.  6 Million Jews were killed.

And, when WE finally DID go to war against Hitler, it cost us a heck of a lot more, in both blood and treasure, than it would've cost, if we had acted sooner.

Obama, and the liberals, are making the same mistake now.   Every day that passes increases the size, strength, & resolve of the military of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as the Islamists in Pakistan, Palestine, and elsewhere.    The longer we wait to confront them, the higher will be the cost of victory.

If you value Israel as a productive, western economy.   If you value England and Europe as western civilizations where the beheading of wives and converts is illegal.   If you value America both as your home and as freedom's last bastion, then the time has come to act!

It's time to elect Republicans & Tea Partiers and to confront all of these challenges and threats to America's future.    The days of ignoring the lessons of history and following the lead of delusional liberals are drawing to a close.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Post WI, Big Labor Finds Solidarity With Islamists

In a recent statement about the Wisconsin Recall election,  Richard Trumka, prominent leader of the AFL-CIO, tried to put a positive light on things in order to boost the morale of union workers.     By pointing out that the Democrats had gained one State Senate Seat in the election, he categorized the vote as a victory for Wisconsin's Labor Unions.    The reality of the situation, however, is that extra Senate Seat is not enough to change the legislation enacted by Scott Walker.   Governor Walker's signature is still needed in order to reverse that legislation; and he is still the Governor of Wisconsin. 

In addition to trumpeting that State Senate Seat as a victory, Mr. Trumka also claimed that the revolutionary momentum from the Arab Spring is on the side of Big Labor, according to an article by World Net Daily.      He proudly expressed solidarity with the Islamists in Tunisia and other North African States.     

I've heard the expression that "politics makes for strange bedfellows," but the idea of the Secular American Left joining forces with Islamists strikes me, at first blush, as very strange.    If the world wasn't facing so many very serious threats to prosperity, civility, and peace, I'd be tempted to laugh at the thought.    Can you imagine a cadre of Homosexual Marriage Activists standing on the Democratic Convention Floor right next to a gaggle of   North African Islamists?!   Is the "Big Tent" really that  big?!   

But, seriously now ... very seriously, things are actually quite unstable these days, and such statements by a hard left labor union leader should not be taken lightly.    Indeed, some fear that the world is on the brink of World War 3.    If so, we need to be on the lookout for the formation of hostile "Axes of Evil," which may even include certain elements within our homeland.   So, it would behoove us all to ask, with great sobriety and solemnity, what, exactly, did the esteemed labor leader mean by that statement?    

Do the Labor Unions hate Freedom, Prosperity, Capitalism, and the American Right so much that they are willing to join forces with foreign Islamists in an effort to defeat us right here in America?

Upon further reflection about this Labor-Islam alliance, one does actually notice some similarities between American Labor Unions and Tunisian Islamists.     For starters, they both use violence; and they both hate American Republicans & Conservative Christians.

For example, American Labor Unions are authorized, by federal law, to use physical violence to prevent non unionized workers from crossing a picket line and going to work.   And, there are reports of multiple death threats on Twitter, against Governor Scott Walker.    As shown in the following video, union bosses have a long history of federally authorized violence, right here in the U.S.:

Likewise, the Qu'ran authorizes the use of physical violence by a husband against his wife, in order to enforce Sharia Law in the Muslim home.   In Germany, recently, a Muslim man beheaded his wife, in front of their six children, and then threw her decapitated head from the roof of his apartment building, while screaming chants to the glory of his so-called god, Allah, according to a June 4th article in the Daily Mail.

The Qu'ran also authorizes Muslims to use lethal force to prevent adherants from converting to another faith, like Christianity, as the fate of a young Tunisian man shows.

After converting to Christianity and re-styling himself as a clean shaven guy with a white T-shirt and blue athletic shorts, he was promptly beheaded by his Muslim brethren, who proudly filmed the gruesome event and published it, in an apparent effort to scare other Muslims away from the idea of converting to Christianity.    He lost his life, and his head, just for seeking freedom from Mohamed and happiness in Jesus Christ.  


According to his recent statements, the senior labor leader Mike Trumka, who has a history of leading violent labor actions in the U.S. is now allied with these Tunisian Islamists.    They have a common enemy, namely Christian Conservatives & American Republicans; and they both use violence to maintain the loyalty of their followers.    Perhaps the AFL-CIO is comparing notes with the Islamists on the use of violence.   In their desparation after the Wisconsin Recall election, the labor unions may even be considering the use of beheadings as a deterrant against non-unionized workers, Republican politicians, and conservative journalists.

American Republicans and Christian Conservatives  are watching this alliance very closely.     It has the potential to be a threat to peace and prosperity, both foreign and domestic.    It is, therefore, both our Right and our Duty to maintain eternal vigilance against these evil forces and to spread the alarm far and wide.       Islam & Socialism are both violent & coercive ideologies that threaten the peace, prosperity, and freedom of all humanity; and the combination of the two could be the Most UnHoly Alliance that the world has ever seen.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

America's Hunters: The Salt & Light of the World

Armed Hunters Defend Their Natural Right To Bear Arms
at the Concord Bridge in Concord, MA - April 19, 1775 
When the Colonists beat back the British Redcoats from that storehouse of munitions in Concord, MA on April 19, 1775; it was the action of a local militia, made up of hunters and farmers in the vicinity of Concord.  After hearing that the Redcoats were on the march, the local militiamen came running through the woods directly from their homesteads to defend the right to bear arms from the British.   It was an important victory in the Revolution, and we owe it to well armed hunters and farmers, not to a standing Army controlled by Congress.    

When the politicians at the United Nations, or in Moscow, analyze the world's balance of military powers, the focus tends to be on the standing armies, the military aircraft, the warships, and - of course - the nuclear weapons.     These are the forces that are under direct control of the politicians; and these are what concern them the most.      By these measures, alone, the United States is still the supreme power of the world.

But, the US Military is reinforced by a larger army - you might call it the United States'  "second reserve army" - the millions of American hunters.    In fact, this "second reserve army" is larger than our standing army, in terms of numbers of personnel.    At more than 15 Million, America's Hunters represent the largest light infantry in the world; and they are well prepared for defensive military engagement, if it ever becomes necessary.

Well trained marksmen, geographically diversified, and steeped in the traditions of Liberty; America's Hunters are not only the largest, but they are the best militia in the world.    They know the lands that they stand on, and they know the political principles that they stand for ... the principles of freedom and liberty.    What more could you ask from a militia?

In the event that an enemy of the US were to try to take over our country (as the global socialists and the Islamic extremists are all dedicated to do), America's hunters will be there, right where they should be .... spread out over those hundreds of millions of Acres known as "America, The Beautiful."  

The Gun Control politicians want to disarm America's Hunters and scrap the Second Amendment, as well as other components of the Bill of Rights.   To my mind, such policies are outright TREASON AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, not to mention unconstitutional violations of the natural rights of man.     

America's hunters are a proud breed, as well as an important political constituency.   They are the  standard bearers of Liberty in the 21st Century.     They guard the interior lands against terrorists & invaders alike; and they make an economic contribution to the production of food and other goods in America.    They serve as a highly qualified second reserve Army for America; and their hunting fees are one of the greatest sources of wilderness protection funds.   Most importantly, they have rights, which the government cannot take away.

They shouldn't be harrassed, disarmed, or treated like criminals by the government!    They should be HONORED AND RESPECTED.     By carrying forth the torch of Liberty in the 21st Century, they are humanity's best friend and greatest neighbor.

Here's to America's Hunters, and to the Second Amendment of the US Constitution!   May they both Live Forever!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Ye Shall Have No Other State, But Israel: Restoring The Ancient Dominion

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WHEREAS: The land known as Israel-Palestine, including the West Bank and Gaza Strip is insufficient in size for both the Palestinian and Israeli populations to live in peace and prosperity.

WHEREAS:   The State of Israel has demonstrated an ability to live by a civilized Constitution and a modernized, western form of government with a highly productive economy.

WHEREAS:   The Palestinians have shown a consistent disrepect for basic human morality and human rights, using even their own children as suicidal weapons.

WHEREAS: The Palestinians have demonstrated an inability to maintain either reasonable law & order or economic prosperity within the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

WHEREAS:  Efforts to reach a peaceful settlement have been ongoing for several decades, without success.

WHEREAS:   The recent history of conflict between the Israeli's and the Palestinians has created a legacy of hatred and violence that has become impossible to mitigate via peaceful means.

WHEREAS:   The animosities between these populations have become so great that there is little hope of them ever living peacefully in close proximity under a "2-State Solution".

WHEREAS:  Long term peace, prosperity, and economic growth for both Palestinians & Israelis is more likely to occur if the two populations are separated by a greater physical distance.

WHEREAS:  The Palestinians are more likely to live in peace and prosperity with a "fresh start" under an established, free government, with a predominantly Muslim population, & significant economic opportunity going forward.

WHEREAS:  The visionary leadership of President George W. Bush and valiant fighting efforts of the United States Military during Operation Iraqi Freedom have created such a government (established, free, mostly Muslim, and with great economic opportunity) in the Free Republic of Iraq.

WHEREAS:  The dictates of conscience, as well as the traditions of civilized and limited government embodied by our own Bill of Rights, require that any population that is forcibly resettled by a government should receive reasonable pecuniary compensation for their land & property, in accordance with the established, legal procedure known as "Eminent Domain" under U.S. Law.

WHEREAS:  The Jordan River is an easily identifiable and natural boundary for a contiguous State of Israel.


1.  The State of Israel shall offer a sum of money ("THE RESETTLEMENT FUND") to the residents of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.    Said Fund shall not be less than an amount of money needed to purchase equivalent acreage within the Free Republic of Iraq, at reasonable free (unmanipulated) market prices, and shall be allocated pro-rata amongst all living citizens of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

2.  The Free Republic of Iraq, as established by George W. Bush and his allies, after the deposition of Saddam Hussein, shall offer full & complete IRAQI CITIZENSHIP to all of the living residents of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

3.  All residents of the West Bank and Gaza Strip who accept their share of THE RESETTLEMENT FUND and IRAQI CITIZENSHIP shall  move peacefully to the free Republic of Iraq and relinquish all land and property claims in the West Bank & Gaza Strip to the State of Israel, on or before December 31, 2013.

4.  After this "CIVIL RESETTLEMENT PERIOD", the lands known as the West Bank and Gaza Strip shall become the property of the State of Israel, which shall have the right to use military force to forcibly remove any remaining Palestinians from those lands, as well as the right to self-defense, including lethal force, if any remaining residents put up armed resistance.   This period of violent conflict ("RESTORATION OF SOVEREIGNTY") shall be completed on, or before, October 15, 2014.

5.  Subsequent to the CIVIL RESETTLEMENT PERIOD and the RESTORATION OF SOVEREIGNTY; the distribution and use of the lands known as the West Bank and Gaza Strip into private and/or public hands shall be determined by the duly elected Government of Israel.

6. The President & Congress of the United States of America shall endorse this plan and agree to protect Israel from military engagement by Iran, or any other enemy of Israel that may attempt to interfere with these proceedings.

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